This Big Bank Has the Unhappiest Customers

I didn’t even have to read the article and I knew it was Bank of America.  I wondered why.

Affirming previous studies from other organizations, consumer satisfaction was the lowest at big banks—with Bank of America and Wells Fargo faring the worst among their peers.



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AUD/CAD Unclear?

AUD/CAD  seems directionless.  The latest upside move ran out of steam.  I am waiting for the next signal.  Hopefully, it will be more decisive.





USD/TWD Where’s the Limit?

The following chart is the weekly chart of Taiwan Dollar.  It looks like it is close to take off.





EUR/CHF Will SNB Intervene?

EUR/CHF is currently 13 pips away fromthe SNB floor.  A Japanese FX company came out and said that SNB has been ready to intervene.





EUR/USD Rebound to 12630?

I am starting to watch Euro-Dollar.  I did think there could be a relief rally because the Awesome Oscillator was showing divergence.

In addition, if SNB does intervene to defend the 1.20 EUR/CHF floor, it will very likely buy Euro and push Euro higher.





AUD/CAD Turning Bullish?

What a reversal.  I am now looking to buy AUD/CAD.





USD/JPY Yen Jumped. Thanks to Recession.

Unpredictable market, indeed.  Yen rallies amid a shockingly disappointing Japanese GDP numbers in Q3.  Japan, therefore, will stay in recession.  This is bullish for the Yen?





EUR/CHF 1.20 Fast Approaching

It’s dangerously close to 1.20  What will SNB do?  Will it buy Euro to intervene?




Store Credit Cards

Normally, I don’t think store credit cards are worth getting because their interest rate is so high that is ridiculous.  The rewards that come with the cards are inferior.  People can get better reward credit cards from the big issuers or banks.

In this article, some of the store cards aren’t bad.  If you plan to have a big purchase for the holidays, Best Buy cards are worth a look.  They do offer 6 to 24 months interest free financing.  The catch is you must pay off the balance within the pre-defined and agreed upon interest free financing timeframe.  Otherwise, high interests will kick in and the deal is no longer a deal.




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AUD/CAD Moved Higher

I am glad I waited and didn’t short this pair.  See yesterday’s post.  I thought something didn’t look quite right.  9870 didn’t hold.