EUR/USD and USD/CHF Positions Closed due to Pending ECB Decision

Both EUR/USD and USD/CHF have been stopped out.  Longs ran out of the steam because of the pending ECB decision on June 5.

10 pips of profit on CHF and 6 pips on EUR.








EUR/USD and USD/CHF Trade Awesome Oscillator Divergence

Bought the two pairs yesterday based on the divergence in Awesome Oscillator on the 4-hour chart.  EUR/USD was filled at 1.36.  USD/CHF was filled at 8976.  Stops have been moved to 2 pips above the entries.





Oanda Is down

How timely.



EUR/GBP Action Took Place Eventually

Of course, I was wrong.  After I lost my patience and exited the trade, it went down.





EUR/GBP Very Quiet. Closed out the Short Position

I could be wrong again, but I took the 2-pip profit and closed out the short position.  There has not been very much movement today in this pair.






EUR/GBP Looking Bearish Maybe?

I could be wrong but I had entered a short limit order on EUR/GBP based on the 4-hour chart below.





EUR/AUD Change of Mind

I am having second thought about the short order of EUR/AUD.  Earlier, I thought it had broken below the short term up trend line; however, this evening, it seemed to me that the uptrend was still in tact.

My limit short order was filled.  I took a 2-pip profit and closed it out.





EUR/GBP Near the Trend Line Now

I am keeping a close eye on EUR/GBP.  If the uptrend does not hold, there’s an opportunity to short.





EUR/AUD Looking Bearish on the 4-Hour Chart

A limit short order on EUR/AUD has been entered.





EUR/JPY Order Not Filled

I let this one slipped by.

EUR/JPY Looking to Buy