AUD/USD Sell This Pair?

Daily FX recommends short AUD/USD, because too many retail traders are currently long this pair.  Contrarian?




NZD/USD No Rate Change

New Zealand Dollar soared after the Central Bank left the interest rate unchanged.




EUR/USD 1.20 Defense

The moment has come…  Euro 1.20




Which Debts Should You Pay Off First?

If you have multiple debts and the amount of money you can afford to pay down the debts is limited, typically, the suggestion is to focus on paying off the account with the highest interest rate first, and meanwhile, paying the minimum balance on the rest of the remaining accounts.

Here are a few more options to consider.




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A Surprise Letter from Collection Agency

It’s hard to understand how simply changing service – rather than canceling service – could lead to that kind of red tape nightmare. But that’s exactly what happened to Cathy Nestor, who lives north of Chicago, when she dropped AT&T’s U-verse TV, phone and Internet bundle three years ago and went with only U-verse Internet service.

The trouble started with a $70-something balance remaining on her old bundled account with AT&T’s U-verse, which Nestor claims she paid back in 2011.

Since then, three different firms have tried to collect on the bill, and Nestor says she provided evidence it was paid each time. Still, by the time she wrote to me, she was on the verge of getting reported as delinquent to the credit bureaus.

Documentation, Documentation, Documentation!  This is the reason why getting a receipt and keeping it for at least 7 years (for tax purposes if you itemize your deduction and deduct sales tax from your income) is so important.




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Why Use Credit Cards for Holiday Shopping

Using a credit card for your holiday shopping can be very rewarding and secure.  If you  are afraid that you’ll overspend, create a budget and stick to your plan, and then pay your bill in full next month.




Typically, credit cards offer better rewards such as cash back or airline miles.  They also have better purchase protection and fraud protection.  Here are a few more reasons to use them for the holiday shopping.

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Where to Start with My Investment?

If you are just beginning to invest, employer backed 401K is your best friend.  Typically, employers will match 6% of your salary.  If you are making $50K a year, that is $3K of free money that you can get easily by doing “almost nothing.”  The second benefit is the tax savings.  The 401K investment is pre-tax.  If you make $50K, you invest $3K a year in 401K, your taxable income is $47K.  Just for the simple math calculation, that $3K investment can save you another $360 assuming you are in the 12% tax bracket.

You can save even more if you invest in an IRA account.  Again, that is pre-tax dollar.  Pick the funds that have solid and consistent performance.  Don’t invest in a single stock even though we all want to get rich quick.

Here are a few more things to consider.




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Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

Refinancing your mortgage is great.  What’s not to love if you can have a lower monthly payment, a lower interest rate, or even pay off your mortgage sooner?  Typically, refinancing is worthwhile when you plan to live in the current house for at least another 5 years or longer; otherwise, the closing costs will simply wipe out the savings.

Here are a few things to consider.




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Do Not Use Debit Cards in These Situations

I am never a debit card user, and nor am I a debit card advocate, because credit cards have more rewarding qualities than debit cards.  Indeed.  Debit card users argue that they want to avoid the possibility of incurring debt; however, if you are financially responsible, you still won’t incur debts by using credit cards.

Here are some of the situations when you should use a credit card…




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From a Professor to a Billionaire Fund Manager

This is a very inspirational story although the situation is quite extraordinary.  I often wondered how they made it.  They were at the right place, met the right people at the right time.   This goes a very long way in helping those who have tried and failed to come even close to this “wonderful” feat of this guy.   We see this in athletes, business people and millionaires where they have been able to beat the odds.




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