USD/CHF Buy at 0.9105?

Franc is trying to go higher, but the pair may move downwards to reach level of 0.9130, consolidate for a while.




As the greenback has retreated after intra-day initial brief rise to 0.9185, retaining our view that consolidation below this level would be seen and test of 0.9120-23 (38.2% Fibonacci retracement of 0.9024-0.9185) cannot be ruled out, however, reckon Friday’s low at 0.9103 would limit downside and bring another

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When Do I Know It Is Time to Sell?

I think this simple rule applies to not only stocks, but any other forms of investment or speculation such as Forex.




When to Sell:

“The rule is very simple,” Cramer said. “If you own a stock and it refuses to go higher when the market rallies over several days, you should probably sell it.”   If the stock is a long-term holding that has generated strong returns, it’s time to take the profit wgen markets are going up but the stock has stopped.  As Cramer so often says, you can’t form an emotional attachment to a stock, even if it has done well by you in the past.   After all, it’s not where a stock has been, it’s where a stock is going that can make you money.

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Although cable recovered after falling to 1.6537 yesterday, reckon upside would be limited to 1.6600-05 and near term downside risk remains for recent decline to resume after consolidation, below said support at 1.6537 would extend decline to 1.6505-10 (1.236 times projection of 1.6845-1.6658 measuring from 1.6739), however, loss of momentum

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Credit Card Mistake Stories

The second largest credit score component is called the “credit utilization ratio,” which means how much debt you owe in comparison to your total available credit.  The general rule: The less, the better.   Less is defined as around 10%.

If the available credit of ALL your credit cards is $15,000 and you carry a $1,500 balance regardless of your payment preferences, meaning you pay it off monthly or over time.  As long as you have a balance when the credit card companies report it.  Your utilization ratio is about 10 percent.   This doesn’t negatively impact your score.   If you close some of your accounts, the total available credit is reduced to $5,000.  In this case, the $1,500 balance puts your utilization rate at 33 percent.  This would hurt your score big time.  That’s why it is not recommended to close credit card accounts.




Nobody’s perfect. Even when you spend all day trying to learn everything you can about a subject, you still make mistakes. For instance, even some of the top credit card experts have made some embarrassing moves, yet we were all willing to share them so that you can learn from our experiences.

Brian Kelly

Brian is the founder of The Points Guy, a website that teaches credit card users how best to earn and spend their credit card rewards. Here are some of his biggest mistakes:

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Markets Are Fickle: S&P Set New High

Pessimistic sentiment did not exist today.  S&P set new high.  Who knew?  Just recently, when stocks began falling, all talks were about how much the markets would correct this time.  This dude came out and predicted Dow Jones 6000.




“It seems that conditions reflect the best of all worlds – U.S. economic growth that is neither too slow, which would put pressure on earnings, nor too fast.”   The benchmark S&P 500 rose as high as 1,994.76, topping the prior record of 1,991.39 set in July.  In Europe, the FTSEurofirst 300 index of top regional shares rose 0.67 percent to close at 1,355.09.

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Taking a Vacation Is Dangerous


Dilbert Sick Days


A fifth of Americans working at least 35 hours a week think using vacation time makes them look replaceable, therefore putting them at risk of losing their jobs, a new survey found.

The concerns could have a foundation in reality — after all, there’s no federal law guaranteeing people the vacation they’ve earned, and unless a termination breaches a contract or discrimination laws, employers can fire people for pretty much whatever they want to.

The aforementioned survey includes responses from 1,303 adult Americans working at least 35 hours per week and was conducted June 20 to 30 by GfK Public …read more

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