New Zealand Dollar Tanks

The New Zealand dollar sank Monday after the central bank disclosed it sold 521 million New Zealand dollars ($410 million) during August.   This was the biggest sell-off of the currency in seven years to lower an exchange rate as the central bank governor, Graeme Wheeler, said the currency was too strong.




The disclosure pushed the currency known as the Kiwi down nearly 2 percent against the U.S. dollar, and it has dropped 12 percent since July.

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Nomura: Euro to Drop to $1.20

Here we go again.  Another bold prediction of Euro’s future.  We have seen these kinds of predictions before and they never came true.  UBS predicted Euro at 1.15 back in 2012.

Nomura predicts the shared currency will fall to $1.20 by mid-2015 as the European Central Bank signals further monetary stimulus that tends to weaken the currency, while the Federal Reserve stays on course to end bond purchases next month. The euro dropped more than 7 percent this quarter to $1.2684 on Sept. 26 in New York.




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Euro Outlook after Setting New Low



Have Enough Money to Retire

Most experts say you will need to keep generating 75 to 85 percent of your pre-retirement pay to maintain your current standard of living,

Fidelity Investments says that you should have eight times the final salary in investments.

Suppose you earned $70,000. Eight times that gives you $560,000, which could generate almost $35,000 a year after you retire.

Social Security would probably replace 35 percent of salary, bringing you to 85 percent of your final salary.




We all hate something. Almost everybody hates taxes. My wife’s family hates the Red Sox. Me? I hate online calculators.

For a textbook example of why, here’s this week’s reader question:

I checked the calculators you provided in your recent article “8 Reasons Your Parents Had an Easier Retirement Than You Will.” AARP said that I was over target, Bloomberg had me right on, and the FINRA calculator said that I needed to save 50 percent of my income every year from now on to make my target.

How do we validate that the information we are getting is accurate? There is …read more

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Who Pays Your Debt after You Die?

Your spouse may have to pay your credit card debt if he or she was a joint account holder.  If you live in a community property state, your spouse is responsible for the debt incurred after the marriage. There are nine community property states: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.   Your children will generally not be responsible for that debt unless they co-signed the loan.   If you leave any estate behind, it will be used to paid off the credit card debt.




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Delta Air Lines Stock Could Go up

Delta is going to add seats to nearly 200 domestic aircrafts. To make room for the extra seats, Delta is installing slim-line seats, while also introducing space-saving galleys and lavatories. These retrofits will be completed by the end of 2016.  Good luck with travel in style.  However, this may help its stock prices by cutting costs and adding revenue at the same time.




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This Is Not about Forex. It’s about Life.




EURO 12750



Euro Breaks $1.2800. Now What?

Euro is going down towards 1.2750 for major support, if it holds.




The Euro broke the psychologically significant $1.2800 mark on its way to fresh yearly lows. What’s next?

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Data Breach and Its Significant Effects

Every now and then, we have to change one of our credit cards due to theft.  A few days ago, I ordered handbags online.  The company followed up on my order and called me back to ensure that I did place the order.   Data breach will cost more for companies to accept orders online and possibly, they will pass the costs to consumers.




Data breaches have become an increasingly common part of doing business in the digital age. This probably doesn’t surprise you, but even the headline-grabbing breaches you’ve heard about in the past year — like at retailers Target and Home Depot — are only a fraction of the issue.

Companies have reported an uptick in data breaches, according to a newly released survey from the Ponemon Institute. In the 2013 survey (the organization’s first Study on Data Breach Preparedness), 33% of companies who responded …read more

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