Spreads: Every Penny Counts

Oanda used to have very good spreads, but not any more.  Looking at these spreads from the European brokers, Oanda seems expensive now.  What’s going on with the U.S. brokers?  Not enough competition?





EUR/USD Is to Head Lower

EUR/USD failed to overcome the 1.2850 resistance area.  It looks like the downtrend is going to resume.






Should You Try an Online Bank?

Online-only banks such as Charles Schwab, Capital One 360, and others usually arm with lower fees and better benefits than traditional banks, and even credit unions.   Most of them offer the following perks:

  • No ATM fees
  • Low or no overdraft fees
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Mobile Deposits
  • Higher interest rates on savings or maybe checking accounts




via Why You Should Move Your Savings to an Online Bank – Yahoo Finance.



Actions Retirement Investors Must Take

We are in the markets to make money.  If markets are not making money for you, or they have become to volatile for your taste, it is time to review your portfolio and make necessary changes.  Once you have a sense of what size loss you can handle without selling in a panic, you can then start making any adjustments, if necessary, to make sure your mix of stocks and bonds reflects the level of loss you can comfortably absorb.




via 3 Steps Retirement Investors Must Take Now To Survive This Market | Money.com.



Michael Kors: Should You Own the Stock?

JPMorgan’s Matthew Boss remains confident that Kors can escape its doldrums.   Although investors zeroed in on retail gross margin commentary, channel and geographic mix shift will continue to benefit gross margins and believe fears are overblown at current valuations.

The question is when everybody owns Michael Kors, is it still chic?  Like Coach, everybody has to have a coach bag.  Owning a Coach bag no longer makes you a fashion icon or the neighborhood gossip superstar.  The same goes for Michael Kors.  Should you buy the stock?




via Michael Kors: Is It In or Is It Out? – Stocks to Watch – Barrons.com.



The 200-day Moving Average

Usually rallies don’t give you everything you want.   If stocks can drift down and test that moving average again, it will be more meaningful to say that the rally will continue.


via Keep an eye on the S&P 500’s 200-day moving averge and here’s why – Yahoo Finance.



Saxo Bank Launches Trade Challenge




Ichimoku Mystery




Should You Invest or Pay Off Debt? – Yahoo Finance

If you choose to pay off your debt first, you will lose the power of compound interest on the investments.  If you have too much debt, and yout debt to income ratio is more than 30%, your credit score is going to hurt.




Pay back loans with the highest interest rates first.  Focus on paying off one loan at a time.  Meanwhile. continue to invest in mutual funds.  Even just $50 a month, the ROI can be impressive over the long run.

via Should You Invest or Pay Off Debt? – Yahoo Finance.



Study: Where to Place Stop Orders